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Magellan Studio Services

Web Design & Development:

  1. Define the project based on the creative brief, requirements and constraints.
  2. Create site blueprints, wireframes and task flows.
  3. Design user interface compositions.
  4. Code (X)HTML/CSS models.
  5. Refine comps and models.
  6. Install or design/program business and data logic.
  7. Further refine and customize where needed.
  8. Test, stage, test, load content, test...
  9. Move files and data to the production enviroment.
  10. Observe performance and refine some more.

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash, ActionScript 3.0, JavaScript, PHP, Java, .NET (ASP.NET & C#), MySQL, MS SQL Server, e-commerce, and various open source frameworks including: Drupal, Wordpress, Blueprint CSS, jQuery, and others.